New swivel knife

So, I was at Lasting Impressions the other day and I couldn’t resist buying the Fiskars Swivel Knife. I’ve done a test run with it, and it looks like it’s going to make my stenciling days a heck of a lot easier. This is definitely going to help in making that LotR/DW shirt a reality soon.

On another note, a bunch of friends and I are making a shirts for this volunteering gig we have upcoming, and I’m planning on using textile medium (finally, I know. I used to use just plain acrylic paint with my shirts) and some more of my slowly dwindling freezer paper stash. I’ll update here after we have the shirts made. We’re working with the word ‘kairos’ as our group name and so far the idea is going to be gears and the word kairos. I’m still figuring out what we’ll be using as a shirt design. Eep. And we have to make these on Friday. Oh, well. Keep moving forward!