Meet My Cousin! (Hobonichi Cousin, that is)

So, I showed you guys a sneak peek of my DIY cover for my Hobonichi Cousin last time. I’ve decided to share a bit how I made it and how it looks.


The front. Yeah, it’s plain looking, that’s how I roll

It’s something I whipped up quickly because I just wanted to keep Hobo (that’s what I call it. Haha) safe. It’s really more of a temporary cover since I really want to get him a leather cover, but I want it to be a cover I fall in love with.



I spent nothing making this because everything was already from my stash. The denim came from an old pair of jeans and the blue cloth is from an old button up.


The front has pockets

Because I’m a lazy person and I really just wanted to do a quick project, I didn’t really do any proper measuring for this (if I had, I would have made the covers fit a lot closer to the gutter of the binding). Instead I traced around Hobo straight onto the denim. The slip pockets and front pockets were all eyeballed. I used the sleeve of the button up to make the pockets. See those hemmed tops? Yeah, I just used the hemmed ends of the sleeve so I would have to do less sewing.

This was basically just sewing a square. I think pinning it together before sewing took the longest time, just because I had to keep several layers in place. Yes, it’s kind of lopsided, but I love it still.

And as a bonus, I’m showing you a bit of how I’m using Hobo right now. I’m still trying to figure it out and I’m pretty sure once January starts and I start using the daily pages, I’ll settle into it.


Year view

I’m still trying to decide exactly how I’m planning to use the year view. So far, I’ve only got holidays in (I shaded the last box, so there’d still be plenty of space in case I do decide to use this for something else)


December month view

This is actually how I plan to use the month views during the previous month. To keep track of bills and income for our monthly budgeting. I used plastic sticky tabs so I can just move them to the January once December starts.

I don’t plan to use the month views for actually planning (hence all the sticky tabs). Planning will go into the week views. I’ll be using the month views the same way I use the month views in my previous planner, for recording the month’s fun events.


I do use the notes column at the end of the month view for tasks I know I have to get done in that month, but isn’t a set week or day for it yet. The picture above is from May. My driver’s license is expiring on my birthday, so I know I have to renew it sometime in that month.

I hope you liked this look into Hobo. I’ve never actually used a day per page planner, but the Hobonichi paper is just so gorgeous that I had my heart set on using it as a planner.

I know most of the Hobonichis online are being used as art journals, but I’m going to be one of those boring people who’ll be mainly using it as a planner. With some of my daily mini-journaling that I actually do in my weeks across two pages planner right now. I got the Cousin because I need the weekly pages for planning and A5 really is my favorite size for notebooks


Well… It’s Been Forever

I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m really bad at this blogging thing. This isn’t even a real entry, really. I just wanted to share this with the world (picture not mine, it’s from Alunsina’s FB page):

I’m soooo excited for this. I just preordered a set (and aren’t I lucky that my name starts with an A so having Alunsina’s embossed A makes it look like it’s been personalized for me?). I plan to blog about it once I get my set and hopefully get back into the swing of blogging. (Really, 5 months away is just crazy)

Notebook Organization

Because of the new year (and my new Starbucks planner), I’ve decided to try to organize the notebooks I’m currently using and try to streamline how I’m using each one. I have also realized that I will never be a one-notebook woman, I love compartmentalizing stuff too much to stick to just one notebook.

Anyway, I know I’ve had a post about the notebooks I was currently using last time, but I think it’d be better to just compile everything now into one post, even if it seems repetitive.

All the notebooks I'm currently using

All the notebooks I’m currently using

2nd row, L to R: blue 2012 planner/notebook, Blackberry Scribe notebook, crafty/organization notebook, quotes notebook, eon pad (glued at the top so it’s pages are detachable. The paper’s pretty nice. I use it for notes to other people, sometimes), yellow Starbucks planner, Alunsina journal

1st row, L to R: scratch pad (the innards of a notebook I dismantled because I used the cover for a craft project) and my Victoria’s Journals (VJ) fauxdori.

my current journal from Alunsina Handbound Books

my current journal from Alunsina Handbound Books

I love this journal. I find it a bit small (it’s 5″x7.5″) because I’m used to A5-sized notebooks, but I love everything else about it a lot, so I’m learning to get used to the smaller size.

first page of my journal

first page of my journal

I normally put a quote on the first page, I copied this quote (layout and all) from here. I also have my name and contact number (blurred out in the pic), and when I end the journal I put the start and end dates on this page too.

month view in my journal

month view in my journal

I’ve added a month view into my journals that I put events in because I like seeing an overview of fun times. I use the washi tape for labeling and for prettiness.

a journal entry

a journal entry

My journal mostly has writing, but sometimes I put pictures and ephemera in.

journal index at back

journal index at back

I’ve got a journal index at back with the journal title plus some other ‘tags’ that I use for my entries (sorry for the blurry pic). I add to the index once I finish an entry.

my Starbucks planner for 2014

my Starbucks planner for 2014

I love the Starbucks planner for 2014, but I keep this A5-sized planner at home because it’s a bit bulky to carry everywhere.

planner month view

planner month view

I use my planner for forward planning mostly.

a week over 2 pages

a week over 2 pages

I also do some random mini journaling in it (they start with //, a hold over from my coding days).

My Muji notebooks

My Muji notebooks

The blank B5 notebook is crafty stuff on one side and the other side is mostly organization stuff at home. The lined A5 notebook is for quotes.

inside Quotes notebook

inside Quotes notebook

Just random quotes mostly. If a quote strikes me, I copy it in here.

my VJ fauxdori

my VJ fauxdori, the notebooks inside are pocket-sized (3.5″x5.5″)

The mini ballpen is for emergencies, the other clasp houses my USB normally (currently with one of my friends). You can also see the beads I’ve added to the elastic, plus the charms I have at the ends of my bookmarks.

VJ fauxdori planner page

VJ fauxdori planner page

Since I bring this almost everywhere, I put expenses and random notes in here. I keep this and my Starbucks planner in sync when it comes to appointments, but that’s about it.

random notes

random notes

The second notebook is mostly for random notes. I put to do lists and write whatever stuff comes to mind in this notebook when I’m out.


The last notebook is my dreams notebook. Lying asleep dreams, that is. I try to journal the dreams that I remember when I wake up. I don’t usually remember them, but sometimes a dream sticks in my head and won’t stop bugging me until I write it down. (I also do an index in the back, like in my journal)

scratch pad contents

scratch pad contents

This is mostly to do lists. I plan on merging this with my random notes one in the VJ fauxdori once I finish with this.

notebooks for stories

notebooks for stories

The notebook on the left is an old planner with a whole section for notes. I’m mostly using it for story fragments. The one on the right is a Scribe notebook and I use it for character notes and storyline ideas.

9 notebooks in total (if you count the fauxdori as just one). For some people that might be a bit much, but this system works for me.

Oh, and just one last thing:

topic index for journals

topic index for journals

I’m currently working on making a topic index for all my journals. Hopefully, this will make reminiscing down the road more fun. I’m on the 4th journal at the moment (out of 7 filled journals).

Do you guys have multiple notebooks ongoing too? (or am I the only notebook-obsessed person?)

Fire package from Planet Millie

So, a while back I won this fire package from Planet Millie (check here to see a picture of the package on Planet Millie).

I was pretty stoked about the package because they were things I don’t think I have access to here in the Philippines. The Planet Millie notecards and stickers are so pretty, I have to find some way to use them meaningfully. The patterned paper and stamps will probably find their way into my journal one of these days.

I’ve never tried Clairefontaine paper before and getting to try out this well-known fountain pen-friendly paper was fun. I think I see what all the hype is about now. Another item I’ve always seen online is the Palomino Blackwing pencil, and I’m curious to see how it writes now that I’ve got one (I haven’t got a sharpener, at the moment though).

My favorite part of the package is the J. Herbin orange indien ink. I can’t use standard cartridges in my Lamy Safari, but that hasn’t stopped me from using a syringe and transfering it into my converter. I’ve already used one cartridge and I love the color. I find the subdued orange a very usable color, and I just love the shading I get with it. (I also think it’d be the perfect color to use in my yellow Starbucks 2014 planner)

That's a Planet Millie sticker on the corner of my planner. Inset is a bit of writing using the J. Herbin Orange Indien ink. Aren't they a perfect match? :D

That’s a Planet Millie sticker on the corner of my planner. Inset is a bit of writing using the J. Herbin Orange Indien ink. (my craptastic phone pic does not do justice to the lovely shading I get with my M nib) Aren’t they a perfect match? 😀

I used to think that I’d be happy just using my blue-black ink with my fountain pen, but now I think I’ve been bitten by the ink bug because of this ink. I want to try more inks!

Current Notebooks

Here’s the current set of notebooks I’m using. I’ll also be discussing how I use my journal and my Victoria’s Journals faux-dori after.
2013-11-30 16.06.53 HDRfrom left to right: Muji B5 blank notebook, Muji A5 ruled notebook, Green A5 Daycraft signature sketchbook (blank pages), Alunsina Journal (blank), Grey A5 Daycraft signature sketchbook (blank pages), hardcover faux-leather journal (lined pages). Also, there’s an envelope that you can’t see that holds my journal master index

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Notebook Collection

I know I haven’t been posting about crafts lately, but life has been really busy, and I haven’t really gotten around to doing much besides Christmas presents (which will probably be getting it’s own post after Christmas).

I do think it’s about time I did an updated post on my current notebook stash, so I finally got out my notebooks and decided to take some pictures and share them with you guys. I’m also planning to do another entry on the notebooks I currently use (which aren’t in the picture below) and how I use them. 🙂


1: Old journals. More or less filled up, I think. The first and the fifth from the left are handbound notebooks I made.

2: Paperthinks pocket notebook 3.5″x5″, 256 blank pages. I used this as my EDC notebook and jotted down to do lists and other random things in it.

The next two rows are all unused notebooks.

3: 2 (from a pack of 3) B5 Muji blank notebooks

4: pack of 5 of A5 Muji lined notebooks

5: A pursebook from Mori Notes. (This is made in the Philippines!). It’s a notebook with an integrated zipper pocket to the cover flap. I won this in a giveaway raffle over at Manila Shopper, and I’m still waiting for the perfect time to use this. The paper absorbs ink a lot, so I don’t think I’ll use it as a journal, especially since I use gel pens, but I think it’d be a gorgeous travel sketchbook (if only I as better about sketching regularly)

6: My current favorite notebook for journaling. These notebooks are from Alunsina Handbound Books. Another handbound notebook maker from the Philippines. I am absolutely in love with their notebooks. The rightmost notebook is already lined up as my next journal. (Here’s a link to their etsy shop for an idea of their prices, but it’s better to check out their Facebook page)

7: Monologue Sketchbook. A5, 96 leaves. I really like this notebook. I like a bit of friction in my paper, and this is the perfect roughness for drawing or writing. I was supposed to use this as a journal, before I found Alunsina notebooks, but I’ll use it eventually I think, somehow. (Also, the name’s a bit misleading, the PU cover isn’t really soft, but I like the stiffness it has without being an actual hardcover notebook)

and 10: These are both Zequenz 360 notebooks. They’re both blank and have 140gsm paper. The larger one is their medium size, around 5″x7″ I think, and the smaller is their mini size, around 3.5″x5.5″. Their mini size is the perfect notebook to carry in the back pocket (although I’ve lost one of these before because it fell out of my back pocket >.<)

11: An Ogami quotes (writer) notebook, mini size, from QuirksPH. Made from REPAP, it’s waterproof. I’m hoping to use this either for dives or if my friends and I push through on that mountain climbing trip.

12: A bunch of mini notebooks for my Pelle Journal from Victoria’s Journals. It’s a knock-off, of sorts, of the Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook (I like to think of it as a faux-dori). The cutesy ones on the left (which I’m not really thrilled with because I like my notebook covers plainer and they have ruled pages while I prefer blank) are Victoria’s Journals mini notebooks while the plain black and red ones are notebooks I bought at National Bookstore (and they’re the perfect size for the VJ faux-dori!)

DIY Journal Bandolier Plus Some Journal Thoughts

Meet my Journal Bandolier! (copied blatantly from cleverhand’s etsy , I wish I could buy from online shops, but I don’t have a credit card and paypal fees just seem so extravagant).

My Journal Bandolier!

My Journal Bandolier!

I may make more, this was quick and easy to whip up. I think I’ll use elastic on my next one if I find some black elastic to buy. But I really wanted to make one right away, so I decided to make do with what I had on hand.

I had just hemmed a pair of denim pants the other day, and I decided to use the scraps for this bandolier. The denim had a bit of stretch so I decided not to use any elastic at all (if I were to do this with non-stretch fabric, I’d definitely add elastic to the back). For the loops, I just pinned the fabric with the pen in place and sewed them up. Also, I made a mistake and sewed up the main loop together before I put in the loops, so I had to do the loop sewing by hand. It wasn’t hard, but it would have been faster with the machine.

It’s a bit loose with just that one notebook (that’s going to be my next journal, by the way). The bandolier doesn’t move around, but the mini notebook I stick in falls out. But it’s the perfect fit when I add my planner.

I said last time that I was browsing for notebooks with a friend who didn’t understand my notebook fixation. When I get free notebooks, I’m not picky, but if I’m going to buy a notebook, it better be one I love.

I don’t like spending too much on notebooks. If I spend more than 500 pesos on a notebook (that’s around $13), I don’t think I’d use the notebook as much. I do have a set of parameters that I like to follow for notebooks. It has to be around A5 size for journals, because I like have space to write and stick stuff in and maybe sketch. I don’t like lined notebooks for journals. (My friend laughed at me when I told her, “I feel like lines box me in and I don’t like being boxed in”, but that’s really how I feel about notebooks). And the paper has to be thick enough that my writing doesn’t bleed through on the back even when I use my fine tip stabilo pens (I sometimes use them for quotes and shiz).

My bandolier has the writing paraphernalia I usually use. I like to alternate pen colors between entries, hence the blue and black pilot ballpens. A highlighter in my favorite shade, yellow which always makes me think more of neon green. And a pencil and eraser because I like using pencil on my planner.