2014 Christmas Prezzie List

(edited: 2015-05-06)

I know, I know, it’s still two months to Christmas, but I like to start on my Christmas prezzies early. So… Here’s my Christmas list.

Kids in my life:

– I don’t know if I’ll be able to get Christmas prezzies to my cousins’ kids this year because I don’t think we’ll be having Christmas together since we’re staying here in Manila.

– K (my childhood friend’s little boy). I was able to score some Janod lacing blocks for P200 (that’s about $5) at the Hobbes and Landes Warehouse Sale last Friday. The box was so damaged, hence the rock-bottom price, but the blocks were good. I’m thinking of adding some shoelaces to it for lacing since the string it comes with is pretty short and sewing a case for it. (yeah, that didn’t happen)

[x] wooden lacing blocks

[x] additional laces

[x] two stuffies (bought at the Hobbes Sale for P50 each)

[ ] case

– J (the little boy who has his bday so close to Christmas). Since the punch box was such a hit last year, I’m using that again this year, but with a twist. (I spent the afternoon making the punch box, actually). J is a fan of legos, so I made this punch box look like a Lego brick. Everything was made from stash and I decided to make this one more permanent than last year’s so they can reuse it as a punch box (I’m planning to give extra tissue paper and rubber bands to his mom so they can have fun with it).

[x] bday: Lego punch box – from stash

  • [x] 2 packs interlocking popsicle sticks (bought at the National Bookstore sale last year)
  • [x] stickers (NBS sale)
  • [x] dice erasers (NBS sale) – may add Lego erasers here too
  • [x] finger paints (NBS sale)
  • [x] gift check stating that we’ll take him out skating when he wants (still have to check with his mom that she’ll agree to this, though)  (decided to go with fabric crayons)
  • [x] Lego knock-off toy rocket shooter thingy that I took home from our high school’s alumni homecoming last year
  • [ ] 7 balloons with flat tops inside (or whatever candy is his current favorite)

[x ] Christmas – planning on wrapping in a Lego brick box

  • [x] stacking spoon and fork
  • [x] rainbow markers

(ended up not giving the markers, but he enjoyed the spoon and fork


– still thinking about this. To be honest, I’m out of ideas for these guys. I’ll keep an eye out for things I can give them, but I can’t really think of anything to give them that I can make (that I haven’t already given them.

– DL: maybe a recipe book/binder? I think she misplaced the one I gave her before. If I see one on sale, must get it.

– LC: no idea. I might split with DL for her present?

–  RC: same as LC

HS friends:

– if we end up having a group exchange gift, I’ll splurge on one good gift. If not, I guess I can make something small for all of them? No clear ideas at the moment.


Final Kada Christmas Crafts

The kada (that’s a term we have for a group of friends, and what I normally call one of my group of friends) is having our Christmas meet up this Sunday and I finally got the last prezzie done tonight.

Here’s a quick list of the kada presents:

DL: journal jar

GM: blues-be-gone inspiration jar

LC: chocolate chip cookies in a jar

RC: care package type (notebook, pen, coffee beans, coin purse)

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Christmas Crafts

Hallooooo, internet! I’m still here! Life has been hectic with that week in Toronto and Christmas and everything. I haven’t stopped making things, though! I made most of my friends’ Christmas prezzies and will be sharing them here as soon as I finish them all. (Yes, I have yet to finish my Christmas prezzies, but that’s ok because all our Christmas get togethers are happening after New Year’s).

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned about Kairos before, but I still haven’t been able to get pics of the Kairos shirt we made. Well, we did a cookie decorating session with the kids at the place we volunteer at for Christmas. We made butter cookies beforehand in different Christmas-y shapes and at the children’s home, we mixed up red, yellow, and green icing and handed out sprinkles, colored sugar, and mini candy-coated chocolates for decorating. I still haven’t got pictures of the actual event, so I’ll just edit this entry when I do have some to post and also the Christmas prezzies. 🙂

//edit 2012-12-29: I’ve decided to put the final Christmas prezzies in a different post that I’ll publish once everything is finally on it.

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