J’s Birthday Present

J’s one of my closest friends’ son. He’s the only kid from the members of our group, so he’s pretty close to all of us. Since his birthday is so close to Christmas (a few days before Christmas), I try to make it a point to separate the two presents and make his birthday present and buy his Christmas present.2013-12-12 13.48.38This year, I got my inspiration from this advent punch box, but turned it into a punch box birthday present. I also did some changes to how the punch box is constructed.

I made five holes for my punch box, and decided to put a small present in each hole. I bought some plastic glasses (so he can still use them after) as my containers. The punch box contents are: lego erasers, magic trick, Timezone card, Chocnut, stickers. I also put some Flat tops chocolates in mini balloons for him to pop.

The box is from stash, I traced the lip of the glass on the box and cut them out using a cutter. I covered it with brown paper I had from my stash, and used washi and paper tapes to decorate the sides. I cut out the holes on the brown paper using the cutter too.
2013-12-12 13.48.572013-12-12 13.48.482013-12-12 13.49.08
I put the different items in the glasses and covered the opening with tissue paper (reused from old presents) and taped them down. This part had to be done very carefully since the tissue paper tears so easily. Placed the glasses in the openings carefully until they were snug.

2013-12-12 13.56.532013-12-12 13.57.082013-12-12 13.57.31I put a one Flat Top each into six balloons (because it’s his 6th birthday). I’ll blow them up the morning before I give them to him so they won’t lose air in storage. I actually did this as his present a year ago, only with money, and he enjoyed popping the balloons even more than the money inside. So this year, I’m giving him the chance to pop more balloons again.2013-12-12 14.12.54Cost of present

  • plastic glasses: P100 (~$2.5)
  • lego erasers: P50 (~$1.25)
  • magic trick: P99 (~$2.5)
  • Timezone card: P52 (~$1.25)
  • stickers: P35 (~$1)
  • Flat tops + Chocnut: around P50 (~$1.25)

Total cost: around P400 (~$10)


Mini Book Charms (with tutorial)

I’ve got two friends who are celebrating their birthdays soon and I decided (as usual) to make their presents. The first one was easy, I just stenciled the Lord of the Rings inscription along the hem of a black shirt. Since I’d already given them the same present last year, I decided I had to think of a different present for the second one this year.

Luckily, I remembered one of my friends linking to one of those online shops that sell mini book charms and I remember thinking back then ‘Hey, I could make that’. So, I decided to make a book charm necklace for the second friend. (The thing with friends who love books is that there are a lot of choices for book-related presents). I decided to go with Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, but of course, I couldn’t just make one, hence the abundance of mini book charms

The Stargirl charm is 1.5" tall, the others are all 1" tall

The Stargirl charm is 1.5″ tall, the others are all 1″ tall

Details and tutorial inside

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Final Kada Christmas Crafts

The kada (that’s a term we have for a group of friends, and what I normally call one of my group of friends) is having our Christmas meet up this Sunday and I finally got the last prezzie done tonight.

Here’s a quick list of the kada presents:

DL: journal jar

GM: blues-be-gone inspiration jar

LC: chocolate chip cookies in a jar

RC: care package type (notebook, pen, coffee beans, coin purse)

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