DIY Journal Bandolier Plus Some Journal Thoughts

Meet my Journal Bandolier! (copied blatantly from cleverhand’s etsy , I wish I could buy from online shops, but I don’t have a credit card and paypal fees just seem so extravagant).

My Journal Bandolier!

My Journal Bandolier!

I may make more, this was quick and easy to whip up. I think I’ll use elastic on my next one if I find some black elastic to buy. But I really wanted to make one right away, so I decided to make do with what I had on hand.

I had just hemmed a pair of denim pants the other day, and I decided to use the scraps for this bandolier. The denim had a bit of stretch so I decided not to use any elastic at all (if I were to do this with non-stretch fabric, I’d definitely add elastic to the back). For the loops, I just pinned the fabric with the pen in place and sewed them up. Also, I made a mistake and sewed up the main loop together before I put in the loops, so I had to do the loop sewing by hand. It wasn’t hard, but it would have been faster with the machine.

It’s a bit loose with just that one notebook (that’s going to be my next journal, by the way). The bandolier doesn’t move around, but the mini notebook I stick in falls out. But it’s the perfect fit when I add my planner.

I said last time that I was browsing for notebooks with a friend who didn’t understand my notebook fixation. When I get free notebooks, I’m not picky, but if I’m going to buy a notebook, it better be one I love.

I don’t like spending too much on notebooks. If I spend more than 500 pesos on a notebook (that’s around $13), I don’t think I’d use the notebook as much. I do have a set of parameters that I like to follow for notebooks. It has to be around A5 size for journals, because I like have space to write and stick stuff in and maybe sketch. I don’t like lined notebooks for journals. (My friend laughed at me when I told her, “I feel like lines box me in and I don’t like being boxed in”, but that’s really how I feel about notebooks). And the paper has to be thick enough that my writing doesn’t bleed through on the back even when I use my fine tip stabilo pens (I sometimes use them for quotes and shiz).

My bandolier has the writing paraphernalia I usually use. I like to alternate pen colors between entries, hence the blue and black pilot ballpens. A highlighter in my favorite shade, yellow which always makes me think more of neon green. And a pencil and eraser because I like using pencil on my planner.


Christmas Crafts

Hallooooo, internet! I’m still here! Life has been hectic with that week in Toronto and Christmas and everything. I haven’t stopped making things, though! I made most of my friends’ Christmas prezzies and will be sharing them here as soon as I finish them all. (Yes, I have yet to finish my Christmas prezzies, but that’s ok because all our Christmas get togethers are happening after New Year’s).

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned about Kairos before, but I still haven’t been able to get pics of the Kairos shirt we made. Well, we did a cookie decorating session with the kids at the place we volunteer at for Christmas. We made butter cookies beforehand in different Christmas-y shapes and at the children’s home, we mixed up red, yellow, and green icing and handed out sprinkles, colored sugar, and mini candy-coated chocolates for decorating. I still haven’t got pictures of the actual event, so I’ll just edit this entry when I do have some to post and also the Christmas prezzies. 🙂

//edit 2012-12-29: I’ve decided to put the final Christmas prezzies in a different post that I’ll publish once everything is finally on it.

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A sherlock bag and a teaser for another skirt

Thanks to the bag I got from the whendonverse swap, I saw the potential in making bags from pillowcases. I found the one I got really useful because it takes up so little space in my usual bag, but it’s really useful during shopping. I decided to make one for one of my girl friends who just had her birthday last November 8.

I cut a pillowcase in half and used the bottom half to make her bag. (I’ll probably make the top half into another bag).  I zigzagged the raw edge, folded it down and just stitched around. I sewed a couple of inches from the corners of the bottom to give it a squared bottom. I sewed gold ribbon as handles.

Here’s the top of the bag

Bottom of the bag

Since she’s a Sherlock girl, I decided to stencil I believe in Sherlock Holmes on it (I got the image off the net). I think I took the stencil off too early because I had some messy edges.

Stencil in progress

Here’s a couple of shots of the finished bag.

Another sewing project I just finished is another skirt, but I don’t have pics of it done yet. I’ll do a post on it soon. It’s made from wrap pants that are too small for me. I basically did the same thing as with my first reconstruction. It isn’t obvious in this picture, but it barely overlapped on the sides and I really don’t think it looked flattering on me.

Sewing updates

So, I’ve done a shorts to skirt (I posted about it on craftster, but will have to post about it here too), resized (and dyed!) a shirt from high school, and let out the seams of two sleeveless tops so I can now button them up to my bust! Yay for sewing. 😀 I’ll post pics once I’m done with the HS shirt project, I just have to finish the neckline.

I’ve also got one of my brother’s old button ups that I’m thinking of making into a shirt dress if I can make it. Eep, that means darts. Oh well, no time like the present to learn. I’m also thinking of rummaging through the closets here to see just what can be reconstructed now.

I got a sewing machine!

I went and bought an entry-level Brother (LS-2160) and have been playing around with it the whole afternoon. I didn’t really want to go with anything too fancy because I knew I’m not really the type to sew things from patterns, I just want to do some alterations and maybe small projects. I’m really excited to try some upcycling now that I have an actual machine and can finish projects without practically killing my fingers.

So far I’ve finished sewing in a zipper for a hoodie that’s been in my WIP pile for so looong (because sewing zippers in by hand are a pain in the patootie). I may even sew the hood soon and finish it.

And here’s my first sewing project:


Yeah, I’m not the kind of person to make pillowcases and aprons, so I decided on a zipper tetrahedron pouch as my first project. Tutorial can be found over here. It was actually easy except for the curved parts, where I had to do a bit of handsewing to get it to work I’m not planning on lining it, though. Also, I should’ve put the tab at the middle of the top, but I didn’t want to rip it out and re-sew it. Even with all the mistakes, I’m still pretty proud of it.

I’ve also got two old shorts that I could no longer fit in at the tummy area, so I let out some darts at the waist so I could wear them now that. (Also patched one of them because it had a bunch of holes in the back). Those two were done by hand, I did them last week.


I’ve also got a few shirts that I’m planning to make more fitted. So many possible projects now that I have my Brother!

Wanting a sewing machine…

I’ve been doing some alterations to a some clothes. So far it’s been two shorts and a shirt. Just revamping some old clothes so they’ll actually fit (I haven’t worn the shorts in years). The thing is, I only sew by hand. And it takes me forever to make something. And I really, really want to refashion some more old clothes. The way I see it, I don’t even wear them now. If the refashion doesn’t come out well. Not a problem since the shirts I’m thinking of refashioning haven’t been worn except for sleeping in ages.

Now I’m thinking of getting a sewing machine and actually learning to sew on it. I’ve seen some Brothers sewing machines in Trinoma in the Php 8k-15k price range. And I’m really tempted to get one of the less expensive machines.

Anyway, will be posting more about my finished sewing (by hand for now) projects soon.