Meet My Cousin! (Hobonichi Cousin, that is)

So, I showed you guys a sneak peek of my DIY cover for my Hobonichi Cousin last time. I’ve decided to share a bit how I made it and how it looks.


The front. Yeah, it’s plain looking, that’s how I roll

It’s something I whipped up quickly because I just wanted to keep Hobo (that’s what I call it. Haha) safe. It’s really more of a temporary cover since I really want to get him a leather cover, but I want it to be a cover I fall in love with.



I spent nothing making this because everything was already from my stash. The denim came from an old pair of jeans and the blue cloth is from an old button up.


The front has pockets

Because I’m a lazy person and I really just wanted to do a quick project, I didn’t really do any proper measuring for this (if I had, I would have made the covers fit a lot closer to the gutter of the binding). Instead I traced around Hobo straight onto the denim. The slip pockets and front pockets were all eyeballed. I used the sleeve of the button up to make the pockets. See those hemmed tops? Yeah, I just used the hemmed ends of the sleeve so I would have to do less sewing.

This was basically just sewing a square. I think pinning it together before sewing took the longest time, just because I had to keep several layers in place. Yes, it’s kind of lopsided, but I love it still.

And as a bonus, I’m showing you a bit of how I’m using Hobo right now. I’m still trying to figure it out and I’m pretty sure once January starts and I start using the daily pages, I’ll settle into it.


Year view

I’m still trying to decide exactly how I’m planning to use the year view. So far, I’ve only got holidays in (I shaded the last box, so there’d still be plenty of space in case I do decide to use this for something else)


December month view

This is actually how I plan to use the month views during the previous month. To keep track of bills and income for our monthly budgeting. I used plastic sticky tabs so I can just move them to the January once December starts.

I don’t plan to use the month views for actually planning (hence all the sticky tabs). Planning will go into the week views. I’ll be using the month views the same way I use the month views in my previous planner, for recording the month’s fun events.


I do use the notes column at the end of the month view for tasks I know I have to get done in that month, but isn’t a set week or day for it yet. The picture above is from May. My driver’s license is expiring on my birthday, so I know I have to renew it sometime in that month.

I hope you liked this look into Hobo. I’ve never actually used a day per page planner, but the Hobonichi paper is just so gorgeous that I had my heart set on using it as a planner.

I know most of the Hobonichis online are being used as art journals, but I’m going to be one of those boring people who’ll be mainly using it as a planner. With some of my daily mini-journaling that I actually do in my weeks across two pages planner right now. I got the Cousin because I need the weekly pages for planning and A5 really is my favorite size for notebooks


J’s Birthday Present

J’s one of my closest friends’ son. He’s the only kid from the members of our group, so he’s pretty close to all of us. Since his birthday is so close to Christmas (a few days before Christmas), I try to make it a point to separate the two presents and make his birthday present and buy his Christmas present.2013-12-12 13.48.38This year, I got my inspiration from this advent punch box, but turned it into a punch box birthday present. I also did some changes to how the punch box is constructed.

I made five holes for my punch box, and decided to put a small present in each hole. I bought some plastic glasses (so he can still use them after) as my containers. The punch box contents are: lego erasers, magic trick, Timezone card, Chocnut, stickers. I also put some Flat tops chocolates in mini balloons for him to pop.

The box is from stash, I traced the lip of the glass on the box and cut them out using a cutter. I covered it with brown paper I had from my stash, and used washi and paper tapes to decorate the sides. I cut out the holes on the brown paper using the cutter too.
2013-12-12 13.48.572013-12-12 13.48.482013-12-12 13.49.08
I put the different items in the glasses and covered the opening with tissue paper (reused from old presents) and taped them down. This part had to be done very carefully since the tissue paper tears so easily. Placed the glasses in the openings carefully until they were snug.

2013-12-12 13.56.532013-12-12 13.57.082013-12-12 13.57.31I put a one Flat Top each into six balloons (because it’s his 6th birthday). I’ll blow them up the morning before I give them to him so they won’t lose air in storage. I actually did this as his present a year ago, only with money, and he enjoyed popping the balloons even more than the money inside. So this year, I’m giving him the chance to pop more balloons again.2013-12-12 14.12.54Cost of present

  • plastic glasses: P100 (~$2.5)
  • lego erasers: P50 (~$1.25)
  • magic trick: P99 (~$2.5)
  • Timezone card: P52 (~$1.25)
  • stickers: P35 (~$1)
  • Flat tops + Chocnut: around P50 (~$1.25)

Total cost: around P400 (~$10)

Craft Fair Buys!

A friend and I went to the 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair today. I only bought two items, but I’m really happy with them 😀 A tube of solid perfume (Beach Bunny) from Aromateria and an absolutely gorgeous leather journal from Alunsina Journals

2013-07-20 21.58.06

I love how much Beach Bunny smells like the actual sea. And I am absolutely in love with my new notebook. I may have to use this as my next journal instead of the one I already had lined up as my next journal.

//2013-08-04: I removed the part about notebooks, because I realized that I wanted to do a whole notebook entry in detail soon.

More Mini Book Charms!

I’m having too much fun making these. 😀 More mini book charms! (These do not include the three that I made as prezzies for K. Those are already all wrapped up.)

2013-07-04 08.47.04

Also, I figured out an easier way to make pages. Instead of cutting out one piece and folding it in half, I used a larger sheet and folded it into a four page booklet with the thickness of eight pages. (I used this method)

I need something new to obsess over. I might end up making a charm for every single one of my favorite books if I don’t stop obsessing over these mini book charms.

Mini Book Charms (with tutorial)

I’ve got two friends who are celebrating their birthdays soon and I decided (as usual) to make their presents. The first one was easy, I just stenciled the Lord of the Rings inscription along the hem of a black shirt. Since I’d already given them the same present last year, I decided I had to think of a different present for the second one this year.

Luckily, I remembered one of my friends linking to one of those online shops that sell mini book charms and I remember thinking back then ‘Hey, I could make that’. So, I decided to make a book charm necklace for the second friend. (The thing with friends who love books is that there are a lot of choices for book-related presents). I decided to go with Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, but of course, I couldn’t just make one, hence the abundance of mini book charms

The Stargirl charm is 1.5" tall, the others are all 1" tall

The Stargirl charm is 1.5″ tall, the others are all 1″ tall

Details and tutorial inside

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I’m back (after sooo long)

So, I’m finally back here on this blog. It’s been a really hard couple of months. My father lost his battle with cancer last month, and things have been really tough lately. But enough about that.

I’ve done a bit of resizing of clothes and hemming pants, but nothing worth blogging about. I do have this craft idea. I saw this journal bandolier online: Of course, I don’t do much online shopping, but I figured I could DIY one for myself. I’ve almost filled up my journal and the notebook I have lined up for my next journal doesn’t have a strap to keep it closed so I figured having a bandolier would keep it closed and keep my pens at hand.

I’ll probably have that up by the next post since I’ve already got an idea how I want to make it. Also, I’d like to talk about notebooks a bit next time. Because I was looking at notebooks with a friend the other day and she couldn’t really relate to my notebook obsession, but I’m sure someone on the internetz will. Right?

Final Kada Christmas Crafts

The kada (that’s a term we have for a group of friends, and what I normally call one of my group of friends) is having our Christmas meet up this Sunday and I finally got the last prezzie done tonight.

Here’s a quick list of the kada presents:

DL: journal jar

GM: blues-be-gone inspiration jar

LC: chocolate chip cookies in a jar

RC: care package type (notebook, pen, coffee beans, coin purse)

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