I’m baaaack

So… I haven’t written an entry in more than a year. Ohmigod. I’m really bad at this blogging thing. I guess I’m really not much of a blogger, but I’ve decided that if I want to write an entry, by golly I’m going to write an entry.

I’m currently obsessing over my 2016 Hobonichi Cousin. I’d been lusting over the Hobonichi for quite some time now and was contemplating getting one for next year or even for 2017. Luckily, one of my friends had a conference in Japan in early November and that quickly made up my mind for me. I got him to buy me one since was the cheapest option, compared to buying from local resellers. I didn’t get a cover, though. I’m on the lookout for a cover I’d love, but for now I made a cover for it (I’ll probably do another entry on this, since it’s actually something crafted).


Here’s a pic of my Hobonichi Cousin in its new cover

I’ve also been making a bunch of Christmas presents. My Christmas list isn’t completely done, but I’m probably midway done. In case you haven’t noticed yet, I like to get my Christmas list done waaay ahead of Christmas. There’s just something about making lists and putting together Christmas presents that I love.


The bottom shelf of one of my bookshelves is reserved for Christmas prezzies (as you can see I already have some wrapped)

I’d love to say that I’ll be blogging more, but I don’t really know. Work has been eating up my days, and my life is pretty boring.



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