Fire package from Planet Millie

So, a while back I won this fire package from Planet Millie (check here to see a picture of the package on Planet Millie).

I was pretty stoked about the package because they were things I don’t think I have access to here in the Philippines. The Planet Millie notecards and stickers are so pretty, I have to find some way to use them meaningfully. The patterned paper and stamps will probably find their way into my journal one of these days.

I’ve never tried Clairefontaine paper before and getting to try out this well-known fountain pen-friendly paper was fun. I think I see what all the hype is about now. Another item I’ve always seen online is the Palomino Blackwing pencil, and I’m curious to see how it writes now that I’ve got one (I haven’t got a sharpener, at the moment though).

My favorite part of the package is the J. Herbin orange indien ink. I can’t use standard cartridges in my Lamy Safari, but that hasn’t stopped me from using a syringe and transfering it into my converter. I’ve already used one cartridge and I love the color. I find the subdued orange a very usable color, and I just love the shading I get with it. (I also think it’d be the perfect color to use in my yellow Starbucks 2014 planner)

That's a Planet Millie sticker on the corner of my planner. Inset is a bit of writing using the J. Herbin Orange Indien ink. Aren't they a perfect match? :D

That’s a Planet Millie sticker on the corner of my planner. Inset is a bit of writing using the J. Herbin Orange Indien ink. (my craptastic phone pic does not do justice to the lovely shading I get with my M nib) Aren’t they a perfect match? 😀

I used to think that I’d be happy just using my blue-black ink with my fountain pen, but now I think I’ve been bitten by the ink bug because of this ink. I want to try more inks!


2 thoughts on “Fire package from Planet Millie

  1. I’m glad you like the ink, it’s my favourite colour! You’ll definitely have to start experimenting with inks now!

    • I’ve been drooling over some of the different inks already! There’s a local supplier for J. Herbin inks, but I don’t think my wallet will be happy with me.

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