Current Notebooks

Here’s the current set of notebooks I’m using. I’ll also be discussing how I use my journal and my Victoria’s Journals faux-dori after.
2013-11-30 16.06.53 HDRfrom left to right: Muji B5 blank notebook, Muji A5 ruled notebook, Green A5 Daycraft signature sketchbook (blank pages), Alunsina Journal (blank), Grey A5 Daycraft signature sketchbook (blank pages), hardcover faux-leather journal (lined pages). Also, there’s an envelope that you can’t see that holds my journal master index

2013-11-30 16.06.21The B5 Muji is my crafts notebook while the A5 Muji notebook is full of random quotes that I like.
The green Daycraft notebook, is kind of falling apart, not really sure what happened to it when the grey one has been through more and it’s ok. The green one is a scratch notebook of sorts. I write random things in it, sometimes I draft out entries in it. The grey Daycraft is my current journal, the faux-leather notebook is my journal before the current one (sometimes I like to look up past entries). and the Alunsina Journal is my next journal because the grey Daycraft is almost full. I think I have about a dozen empty pages left in it.
Meet my faux-dori (I named him Dean, just because):2013-11-30 15.57.06I removed the little leather tab they had for the elastic, because I really don’t find it useful. I added green beads and a wing charm. It isn’t visible, but I added a cord into the top flap for two bookmarks and have a light green bead and a violin charm on the ends. I’ve also got a mini pen connected to the flap (it’s on a clasp, so it’s easy to remove and use). The other clasp is where my USB normally is, but I lent it out to a friend and haven’t gotten it back yet.2013-11-30 15.57.39I’ve got four mini notebooks in Dean, plus a folder insert where I put some other loose pieces of paper. This first notebook, is my planner for Aug-Nov 2013, I’ll probably remove and file it when 2013 ends.2013-11-30 15.57.59My mini file folder with loose paper and some sticky notes, and my current planner.2013-11-30 15.58.19Here’s what my planner looks like inside. I do my planners by hand, it just works for me. I have a week across two pages. I also put bills and other recurring payments at the top section, in the weeks they’re due.2013-11-30 15.58.332013-11-30 15.59.51For random notes. I forgot to take a pic of the last notebook, but it’s just my dream journal.

Up next are my journaling supplies. I’ve been trying to make my journals more decorative.2013-11-30 15.56.06The top has a bunch of decorative tapes. The ones on the right are washi tapes, the ones on the left are a cheaper plastic deco tapes. The row below has a bunch of post-its and a hole punch, and random note pads.2013-11-30 15.55.32This is an old bag organizer that I’ve stuffed with some random pretty sticky notes. I really like sticky notes for journaling, they add some color to my journal, but I still have space to write stuff.

Those two containers above are stuff I keep at home, the next one is supposed to be a gadget case, but I’ve turned it into a case for journaling things that I can carry anywhere.2013-11-30 15.56.45I’ve got about 5 sets of sticky notes on the left side, there’s 2 rolls of deco tape with that scissors on the right, and that’s a blank pad of stickies on the right. I like to use black and blue pens in alternating entries (so I can easily see where an entry ends or begins). The black and blue Zebra Sarasa LTs are the ones I use for journaling, the green Zebra Sarasa LT is for when I want to emphasize something separately in an entry. The highlighter is my favorite highlighter, a Stabilo swing cool in yellow,and the black and blue pilot ballpens are for use in Dean.

The flags sticking out of my journal are my calendar pages. I try to put fun things that happen and I want to remember in there. Here’s what December looks like:2013-11-30 16.03.25

Here’s an ephemera-loaded entry:2013-11-30 16.01.50As much as I’d like to prettify my entries, I’m afraid for the most part, my entries look a lot like this:2013-11-30 16.02.40I’ve experimented a bit with journal formats, and I think this one is the one that works for me. I start by writing page numbers in the whole journal before I start using it. For an entry, I start with the location, [day] date (in year-month-day), then the time I start the entry. I also add a title for the entry (usually after writing the actual entry) in all caps below the location. I also write the time I end the entry at the end.

Starting at the back of my journal, I have an index of entries:2013-11-30 16.03.02It has the page numbers, then the title of the entry, plus some words that I use to remind myself what the entry is about (like tags). I’m thinking about trying a topical index in addition to this, but I’m still not sold on the idea.

I only started using an index in my journal right before this one, but a few months back I made an index of all my journals and put them all together in my master index envelope:2013-11-30 16.05.20I’ve found that having an index is really helpful when I want to look up something that I remember having written about before. I used to get sidetracked a lot when searching for a specific entry because I had to read through past entries and I would just end up re-reading whole journals.

I just wanted to share my notebook and journaling setup. It’s not as complicated or as artsy as some other peoples’ setups, but it’s the one that I’m comfortable with and works for me.


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