Notebook Collection

I know I haven’t been posting about crafts lately, but life has been really busy, and I haven’t really gotten around to doing much besides Christmas presents (which will probably be getting it’s own post after Christmas).

I do think it’s about time I did an updated post on my current notebook stash, so I finally got out my notebooks and decided to take some pictures and share them with you guys. I’m also planning to do another entry on the notebooks I currently use (which aren’t in the picture below) and how I use them. 🙂


1: Old journals. More or less filled up, I think. The first and the fifth from the left are handbound notebooks I made.

2: Paperthinks pocket notebook 3.5″x5″, 256 blank pages. I used this as my EDC notebook and jotted down to do lists and other random things in it.

The next two rows are all unused notebooks.

3: 2 (from a pack of 3) B5 Muji blank notebooks

4: pack of 5 of A5 Muji lined notebooks

5: A pursebook from Mori Notes. (This is made in the Philippines!). It’s a notebook with an integrated zipper pocket to the cover flap. I won this in a giveaway raffle over at Manila Shopper, and I’m still waiting for the perfect time to use this. The paper absorbs ink a lot, so I don’t think I’ll use it as a journal, especially since I use gel pens, but I think it’d be a gorgeous travel sketchbook (if only I as better about sketching regularly)

6: My current favorite notebook for journaling. These notebooks are from Alunsina Handbound Books. Another handbound notebook maker from the Philippines. I am absolutely in love with their notebooks. The rightmost notebook is already lined up as my next journal. (Here’s a link to their etsy shop for an idea of their prices, but it’s better to check out their Facebook page)

7: Monologue Sketchbook. A5, 96 leaves. I really like this notebook. I like a bit of friction in my paper, and this is the perfect roughness for drawing or writing. I was supposed to use this as a journal, before I found Alunsina notebooks, but I’ll use it eventually I think, somehow. (Also, the name’s a bit misleading, the PU cover isn’t really soft, but I like the stiffness it has without being an actual hardcover notebook)

and 10: These are both Zequenz 360 notebooks. They’re both blank and have 140gsm paper. The larger one is their medium size, around 5″x7″ I think, and the smaller is their mini size, around 3.5″x5.5″. Their mini size is the perfect notebook to carry in the back pocket (although I’ve lost one of these before because it fell out of my back pocket >.<)

11: An Ogami quotes (writer) notebook, mini size, from QuirksPH. Made from REPAP, it’s waterproof. I’m hoping to use this either for dives or if my friends and I push through on that mountain climbing trip.

12: A bunch of mini notebooks for my Pelle Journal from Victoria’s Journals. It’s a knock-off, of sorts, of the Midori’s Traveler’s Notebook (I like to think of it as a faux-dori). The cutesy ones on the left (which I’m not really thrilled with because I like my notebook covers plainer and they have ruled pages while I prefer blank) are Victoria’s Journals mini notebooks while the plain black and red ones are notebooks I bought at National Bookstore (and they’re the perfect size for the VJ faux-dori!)


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