Craft Fair Buys!

A friend and I went to the 10A Alabama Arts and Crafts Fair today. I only bought two items, but I’m really happy with them 😀 A tube of solid perfume (Beach Bunny) from Aromateria and an absolutely gorgeous leather journal from Alunsina Journals

2013-07-20 21.58.06

I love how much Beach Bunny smells like the actual sea. And I am absolutely in love with my new notebook. I may have to use this as my next journal instead of the one I already had lined up as my next journal.

//2013-08-04: I removed the part about notebooks, because I realized that I wanted to do a whole notebook entry in detail soon.


More Mini Book Charms!

I’m having too much fun making these. 😀 More mini book charms! (These do not include the three that I made as prezzies for K. Those are already all wrapped up.)

2013-07-04 08.47.04

Also, I figured out an easier way to make pages. Instead of cutting out one piece and folding it in half, I used a larger sheet and folded it into a four page booklet with the thickness of eight pages. (I used this method)

I need something new to obsess over. I might end up making a charm for every single one of my favorite books if I don’t stop obsessing over these mini book charms.

Mini Book Charms (with tutorial)

I’ve got two friends who are celebrating their birthdays soon and I decided (as usual) to make their presents. The first one was easy, I just stenciled the Lord of the Rings inscription along the hem of a black shirt. Since I’d already given them the same present last year, I decided I had to think of a different present for the second one this year.

Luckily, I remembered one of my friends linking to one of those online shops that sell mini book charms and I remember thinking back then ‘Hey, I could make that’. So, I decided to make a book charm necklace for the second friend. (The thing with friends who love books is that there are a lot of choices for book-related presents). I decided to go with Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli, but of course, I couldn’t just make one, hence the abundance of mini book charms

The Stargirl charm is 1.5" tall, the others are all 1" tall

The Stargirl charm is 1.5″ tall, the others are all 1″ tall

Details and tutorial inside

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