I’m back (after sooo long)

So, I’m finally back here on this blog. It’s been a really hard couple of months. My father lost his battle with cancer last month, and things have been really tough lately. But enough about that.

I’ve done a bit of resizing of clothes and hemming pants, but nothing worth blogging about. I do have this craft idea. I saw this journal bandolier online: http://www.etsy.com/listing/71407304/journal-bandolier-pencil-pouch?ref=shop_home_active. Of course, I don’t do much online shopping, but I figured I could DIY one for myself. I’ve almost filled up my journal and the notebook I have lined up for my next journal doesn’t have a strap to keep it closed so I figured having a bandolier would keep it closed and keep my pens at hand.

I’ll probably have that up by the next post since I’ve already got an idea how I want to make it. Also, I’d like to talk about notebooks a bit next time. Because I was looking at notebooks with a friend the other day and she couldn’t really relate to my notebook obsession, but I’m sure someone on the internetz will. Right?


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