DIY Journal Bandolier Plus Some Journal Thoughts

Meet my Journal Bandolier! (copied blatantly from cleverhand’s etsy , I wish I could buy from online shops, but I don’t have a credit card and paypal fees just seem so extravagant).

My Journal Bandolier!

My Journal Bandolier!

I may make more, this was quick and easy to whip up. I think I’ll use elastic on my next one if I find some black elastic to buy. But I really wanted to make one right away, so I decided to make do with what I had on hand.

I had just hemmed a pair of denim pants the other day, and I decided to use the scraps for this bandolier. The denim had a bit of stretch so I decided not to use any elastic at all (if I were to do this with non-stretch fabric, I’d definitely add elastic to the back). For the loops, I just pinned the fabric with the pen in place and sewed them up. Also, I made a mistake and sewed up the main loop together before I put in the loops, so I had to do the loop sewing by hand. It wasn’t hard, but it would have been faster with the machine.

It’s a bit loose with just that one notebook (that’s going to be my next journal, by the way). The bandolier doesn’t move around, but the mini notebook I stick in falls out. But it’s the perfect fit when I add my planner.

I said last time that I was browsing for notebooks with a friend who didn’t understand my notebook fixation. When I get free notebooks, I’m not picky, but if I’m going to buy a notebook, it better be one I love.

I don’t like spending too much on notebooks. If I spend more than 500 pesos on a notebook (that’s around $13), I don’t think I’d use the notebook as much. I do have a set of parameters that I like to follow for notebooks. It has to be around A5 size for journals, because I like have space to write and stick stuff in and maybe sketch. I don’t like lined notebooks for journals. (My friend laughed at me when I told her, “I feel like lines box me in and I don’t like being boxed in”, but that’s really how I feel about notebooks). And the paper has to be thick enough that my writing doesn’t bleed through on the back even when I use my fine tip stabilo pens (I sometimes use them for quotes and shiz).

My bandolier has the writing paraphernalia I usually use. I like to alternate pen colors between entries, hence the blue and black pilot ballpens. A highlighter in my favorite shade, yellow which always makes me think more of neon green. And a pencil and eraser because I like using pencil on my planner.


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