Final Kada Christmas Crafts

The kada (that’s a term we have for a group of friends, and what I normally call one of my group of friends) is having our Christmas meet up this Sunday and I finally got the last prezzie done tonight.

Here’s a quick list of the kada presents:

DL: journal jar

GM: blues-be-gone inspiration jar

LC: chocolate chip cookies in a jar

RC: care package type (notebook, pen, coffee beans, coin purse)


A journal jar for DL

A journal jar for DL

DL’s gift is unashamedly taken from a post she had on tumblr about a journal jar a couple of months back. Here’s a link to the journal jar inspiration. So, I took the idea of a journal jar and ran with it, adding some extra little things she might want to use into it. I’m still thinking if I should wrap this differently, maybe add something to cover the jar, but I’m also kind of liking how the contents can be seen. The ornament (decoration?) and oversized ribbon is reused from Christmas presents to our family (I like to grab ribbons from presents and add them to my stash and they tend to turn up everywhere).

contents of the jar

contents of the jar

On the left are 2 meters each (I think) of 1/2″ and 7/8″ black satin ribbon because she mentioned that she was looking for 3/4″ black satin ribbon and I couldn’t find any, so I went with these. There are 2 extra metal binding rings around each ribbon. The box is hole reinforcement stickers with 5 mini rolls of washi tape stacked on top. 10-piece colored ballpens set. The green thing at the top is a one hole puncher. The rest are 52 tags made from a variety of boards and paper from my stash, all cut out and decorated by hand. I went with 52 so she’d have one tag a week for the whole year.


Blues Be Gone jar for GM

Blues Be Gone jar for GM

GM’s is a Blues-Be-Gone jar plus a notebook. Here’s a link to the inspiration. I completely forgot to take pictures of the cards and everything before I tied it up. We’re kind of in a weird time in our friendship and I just wanted her to have something from me that’ll lift her mood even if we don’t get to hang out as much anymore. The envelopes and cards are more reused Christmas presents that my dad has no use for and I repurposed for this. I collected 25 quotes that I felt would help. I also added a tag saying that the notebook could be used as a gratitude journal of sorts, so she’ll have something to remind her of the good stuff. The decoration and ribbon are again reused from stash.


Chocolate Chip Cookies in a jar for LC

Chocolate Chip Cookies in a jar for LC

This is the same jar as the one I used for DL’s journal jar. I decided to go with a cookie in a jar because I remember how LC once made a cake from a mix one dinner we had at their house and I wanted to help her make a cookie almost from scratch. Here’s the recipe I used. I decided to go with a bigger jar because I wanted them to use it as a cookie jar after (hence the chalkboard label). I added more ribbon from stash and tags with the recipe and also with the contents of the mix so she could make some from scratch if she ever wanted to.

(Weirdly enough, I ended up going with a jar theme for the girls this year.)


My half of RC's prezzie

My half of RC’s prezzie

I find it really hard to make presents for guys, so his present ended up being a care package type present shared with DL and also a joint bday prezzie since his bday is mid-January. We’ve only gotten back in touch lately after about 2 years, so I tried to get things that I remembered from the times we used to be close. The notebook is because he always used to carry a notebook in his back pocket and it’s supposed to survive being rolled up and bent a lot. The pen is for the notebook. The coffee beans because he likes coffee. The coin purse is just something I added.

RC's prezzie all wrapped up

RC’s prezzie all wrapped up

It’s just brown paper taped into an envelope using double-sided tape with Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday written on it using silver Sharpie, tied up with red baker’s twine and another reused Christmas decor in the middle. This isn’t actually tied up yet and one end is still open because we still have to get DL’s half of the prezzie into this.

I feel pretty good about my prezzies this year. But I have to admit that I feel the prezzies aren’t all equal, but I didn’t want to make them all the same prezzies. I wanted presents that were specifically for each person, and it was hard to think up ideas, but I think I did a pretty good job with them.

Christmas Crafts aren’t done yet, I still have to finish up the presents for my HS friends, but I’m sure our Christmas meet up won’t be till the end of the month, so I’ve got time to finish up my zipper pouches.


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