Christmas Crafts

Hallooooo, internet! I’m still here! Life has been hectic with that week in Toronto and Christmas and everything. I haven’t stopped making things, though! I made most of my friends’ Christmas prezzies and will be sharing them here as soon as I finish them all. (Yes, I have yet to finish my Christmas prezzies, but that’s ok because all our Christmas get togethers are happening after New Year’s).

Anyway, I think I’ve mentioned about Kairos before, but I still haven’t been able to get pics of the Kairos shirt we made. Well, we did a cookie decorating session with the kids at the place we volunteer at for Christmas. We made butter cookies beforehand in different Christmas-y shapes and at the children’s home, we mixed up red, yellow, and green icing and handed out sprinkles, colored sugar, and mini candy-coated chocolates for decorating. I still haven’t got pictures of the actual event, so I’ll just edit this entry when I do have some to post and also the Christmas prezzies. 🙂

//edit 2012-12-29: I’ve decided to put the final Christmas prezzies in a different post that I’ll publish once everything is finally on it.

Here’s the Christmas prezzies list by the way:

Group (10 people) of friends from HS:

[] tetrahedron zipper pouch (4/10)

[x] keychain (10/10)

– Maybe even personalized name zipper pulls


[x] journal jar (done! with 52 tags, one for each week)

[x] black ribbon (bought!)

– some more misc stuff for the journal jar ([x] extra metal binding rings, [x] set of color ballpens, [x] hole punch, [x] washi tape (maybe))


[x] feel good jar (copy blues be gone jar? maybe 52 quotes? 25 quotes. collate quotes and buy jar)

[x] notebook (have a notebook)


[x] chocolate chip cookies in a jar (have the jar, ingredients, and recipe tags, just need to put together)

RC (care package type, shared with DL, also joint bday prezzie):

[x] pocket notebook (bought the 360 degrees roll up notebook, hope it holds to being stashed in his back pocket)

[x] coffee beans

[x] pen (not yet sure about this)

[x] coin purse


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