From outgrown shorts to skirt

So, I already posted this on craftster, but I really should get into the habit of posting things here first.

Anyway, here’s a picture before the cut

This is my first real sewing project using a machine, and I’m pretty proud of it. 😀
I actually remembered to take before pics of this one (albeit blurry ones)

This was actually a pair of slightly longer than knee-length shorts I used to wear when I was still in uni. But a couple of years and some weight gain later, I could not even zip up the side any more. (These before pics are embarrassing, gosh)

Here’s how it looks after I was done with it. The fabric is a kind of stiff cotton so it hangs pretty well and I just love the pattern on it.

I ripped the seams out of the inner seam and sewed the fronts and the backs together. Did these with french seams because that’s how the original seam was and I decided I had to do it. I admit that the seams aren’t as neat as the original, but at least I did them.

My wonky french seam

I used the original hem and hiked it up since there was more width to it at the lower end. I decided how long I wanted to make it and chopped off the excess up top. I put back the pocket into the right side seam. I was going to reuse the zipper, but realized that I wasn’t up to measuring and being accurate about it. So I decided to just fold down the top and put garter in.

A look into the pocket (yes, the pocket is wonky too)

The skirt inside out to show the size of the pocket

The skirt laid out on my ironing board

(Just one last pic)

I just proved to myself that sewing with a machine isn’t so hard and, ohmigod, it was so worth it shelling out the money to get a basic one because of the time saved and I no longer have to put up with all the needle pricks from handsewing everything.


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