A sherlock bag and a teaser for another skirt

Thanks to the bag I got from the whendonverse swap, I saw the potential in making bags from pillowcases. I found the one I got really useful because it takes up so little space in my usual bag, but it’s really useful during shopping. I decided to make one for one of my girl friends who just had her birthday last November 8.

I cut a pillowcase in half and used the bottom half to make her bag. (I’ll probably make the top half into another bag).  I zigzagged the raw edge, folded it down and just stitched around. I sewed a couple of inches from the corners of the bottom to give it a squared bottom. I sewed gold ribbon as handles.

Here’s the top of the bag

Bottom of the bag

Since she’s a Sherlock girl, I decided to stencil I believe in Sherlock Holmes on it (I got the image off the net). I think I took the stencil off too early because I had some messy edges.

Stencil in progress

Here’s a couple of shots of the finished bag.

Another sewing project I just finished is another skirt, but I don’t have pics of it done yet. I’ll do a post on it soon. It’s made from wrap pants that are too small for me. I basically did the same thing as with my first reconstruction. It isn’t obvious in this picture, but it barely overlapped on the sides and I really don’t think it looked flattering on me.


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