I got a sewing machine!

I went and bought an entry-level Brother (LS-2160) and have been playing around with it the whole afternoon. I didn’t really want to go with anything too fancy because I knew I’m not really the type to sew things from patterns, I just want to do some alterations and maybe small projects. I’m really excited to try some upcycling now that I have an actual machine and can finish projects without practically killing my fingers.

So far I’ve finished sewing in a zipper for a hoodie that’s been in my WIP pile for so looong (because sewing zippers in by hand are a pain in the patootie). I may even sew the hood soon and finish it.

And here’s my first sewing project:


Yeah, I’m not the kind of person to make pillowcases and aprons, so I decided on a zipper tetrahedron pouch as my first project. Tutorial can be found over here. It was actually easy except for the curved parts, where I had to do a bit of handsewing to get it to work I’m not planning on lining it, though. Also, I should’ve put the tab at the middle of the top, but I didn’t want to rip it out and re-sew it. Even with all the mistakes, I’m still pretty proud of it.

I’ve also got two old shorts that I could no longer fit in at the tummy area, so I let out some darts at the waist so I could wear them now that. (Also patched one of them because it had a bunch of holes in the back). Those two were done by hand, I did them last week.


I’ve also got a few shirts that I’m planning to make more fitted. So many possible projects now that I have my Brother!


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