Just a night out

I was at Eastwood last Wed for our sort of regular coffee night with one of my elementary friends. (Yes, we’ve known each other for about 15 years, minimal contact in high school, reconnected in the late uni years).

I couldn’t resist buying a navy blue A6-sized Paperthinks notebook because they were half off at Scribe (and I’m trying to keep away from Scribe because I just might buy more in a variety of colors and I really should stop buying notebooks randomly).

We had dinner at a burger shop and I got my first ever compliment from a stranger! (That did not sound as great as written down as it did in my head). Especially when you consider it was a Caucasian man older than my father who noticed my shirt. But it was really nice. He said ‘I like your Doctor Who shirt’ to me just as we were sitting down at the table. I was wearing the awesome geeky shirt I got from Eiseldora in the shirt swap.

We spent hours over coffee and chatting after dinner. It was a pretty awesome night.


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