Notebook Love

Yes, I admit it, I love notebooks. Not as much as the people who have 40+ blank notebooks hanging around, but I love having notebooks and the act of writing in them. I wish I still had the very first journal I kept (I think I was 9), but a flood three years ago meant I was only able to salvage 2 of my earlier journals (and even those had been water damaged) and none of my loose papers with stories and sketchbooks.

I rarely buy my own notebooks, though. Working in the print media, my father always gets notebooks and planners during Christmas, and I just take my pick from them every year. This also means I have a lot of different kinds of notebooks with various company names on them (I learn to ignore those labels and choose the notebooks with less obtrusive ones).

Notebooks I’m currently using

Top (L to R): Blue notebook is ring-bound and contains my notes on translating Les Aventures de Tintin Objectif Lune to English. This is now designated as my ‘studying French’ notebook. The one with the TARDIS design came from one of the first swaps I joined and is my swap notebook. It started out with detailed info about partner, package, etc. Now it’s just swap notes and addresses and stamps. The brown one is my current journal, it’s actually got a company’s name embossed on the bottom, but it’s not that attention-grabbing

Bottom (L to R): Muji notebook that my younger brother gave to me, and one I use for writing in when I’m out. The dog notebook is a 2012 Daycraft planner. These two are always in my bag. (I forgot to add to the picture a little spiral Cattleya memo pad I always have in my pouch that I use for little notes and to do/buy lists).

Mostly filled up notebooks

Top (L to R): Random notebook. This is mainly filled with story bits and back stories, plus puzzle game notes. This is really the successor of the notebook in the middle. First random notebook. This survived the flood, along with the denim covered notebook below it. My aunt gave it to me when I was visiting her in Canada and is mostly full of random story stuff. The pink one is a poetry notebook. I haven’t written a new poem in years, though.

Middle: All journals. They are arranged left to right from oldest to newest. The two on the left were both in the flood too. The middle one is one of my first attempts to make my own notebook. I took all my elementary notebooks, took out the spirals and bound the empty pages together to make this book. The denim cover is made from an much-loved messenger bag I used to have.

Bottom (L to R): Starbucks 2010 planner, GMA 2011 planner, plus some random Cattleya fillers. The notebook on the right is one I made myself. There’s a post about it in craftster. Probably the only notebook I’ve filled every page.

Unused notebooks

Top: Both are notebooks given to my father. The red one has a restaurant’s logo embossed in the back. I may use it as my bag notebook once I fill the blue Muji up. The left one has “Wit and Wisdom” on the front and that, plus the fact that it’s bound like a hardbound book, never fails to intimidate me. I think I’m still saving it for a special occasion.

Bottom: Red Muji notebook. Green A5 Daycraft signature sketchbook (reserving this as my next journal). Red A6 Daycraft signature sketchbook.

As for writing utensils, I use mechanical pencil on my planner and black and blue Pilot pens for everything else. I love writing with a fountain pen, and had a few entries in the denim notebook in fountain pen, but they were ruined and unreadable after the flood. So I stick with my old dependable Pilot ballpens, because I don’t want to lose my journal entries if I get my journal wet. I’m thinking of trying out some Pilot gel pens soon, just for a change. Oh, and one other weird thing I have with pens and pencils is the fact that I should be able to twirl them (meaning a balanced pen). I have a habit of twirling my pens when thinking ever since I learned how way back in high school and I’m don’t plan on stopping.


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