LotR + DW shirt

Started with a men’s shirt that fit me pretty well, except for the fact that the neck was choking me, the sleeves were a bit long, and the hem was too long for me (especially since it was a boxy shirt). Chopped off those parts with a pair of scissors, but after wearing it once, decided that unfinished edges weren’t really great on me. So I ended up handsewing the hems. I also used the old hem to make a collar (which doesn’t really lay flat, I still have to figure out how to sew a collar flat). Anyway, the shirt wasn’t perfect, but it did look a lot better on me after those alterations.

This shows the new v-neck opening

Time for the whole masochistic process of stenciling my crazy Time Lord of the Rings stencil. My new swivel knife really helped a lot. It was easier this time around to do the curved parts (but they were still a pain in the patootie to cut out).

Here’s the a pic of the stencil on the shirt after the first layer of paint

The back of the shirt when worn. Also shows the new sleeve lengths

A pic of the shirt from the back while flat.

//edit 2014-01-03: here’s the stencil I used:



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