Phantom in Manila + Battalia Royale

Ok, I know this is supposed to be mostly a crafty blog, but I can’t help but be excited about the two shows I’ll be watching soon: Phantom of the Opera (it’s an international touring cast) and Battalia Royale. (But theater is a craft too, isn’t it? So it’s not that far off topic).

First off, I already watched Phantom of the Opera during the Gala night (scored some free tickets c/o my dad’s office). It was ah-mazing. Astounding. Incredible. The cast was absolutely fantastic. I bought a ticket for the Oct6 show and I may be watching on the Sept25 show too. Depends. It’s expensive, but I’m able to justify it to myself. I think. I’m not much of a spender, anyway, but when it comes to experiences like this. I’m willing to shell out the money.

Battalia Royale, I am even more excited for, if that’s even possible. We have tickets for this Saturday. I wasn’t able to watch it during their first two runs, but ever since I heard about it during their second run, I knew I had to watch it if it came back. It’s based on the Japanese novel, turned movie, Battle Royale, and the way the group Sipat Lawin set everything up is amazing. If you’re not familiar with Battle Royale, imagine Hunger Games, but darker–and it came first. It’s totally different from POTO, it’s not the typical mainstream theater, and it definitely captured my imagination. The characters had their own Facebook pages and have been active on them these past two months. Announcements about show dates, venue, and ticket buying have been all over social media. They don’t use a stage or a theater, instead do it street play style, with several scenes ongoing simultaneously. ┬áTheir first run was held in the CCP open grounds, which was basically a huge lawn; the second run in an abandoned school; this run will be in Museo Pambata, a children’s museum in Manila. I can’t wait to see how they’ll incorporate the venue into the action. Battalia is proof of innovation in theater, how you don’t need huge amounts of money to stage a great play, how a persistent group of actors and playwrights can make this amazing and unconventional play work and fire up the imaginations of those who watch. I know this play’s going to get messy (from the fake blood), it’s going to get tiring (from running around, following the action), and it’s going to be soooo exciting.


LotR + DW shirt

Started with a men’s shirt that fit me pretty well, except for the fact that the neck was choking me, the sleeves were a bit long, and the hem was too long for me (especially since it was a boxy shirt). Chopped off those parts with a pair of scissors, but after wearing it once, decided that unfinished edges weren’t really great on me. So I ended up handsewing the hems. I also used the old hem to make a collar (which doesn’t really lay flat, I still have to figure out how to sew a collar flat). Anyway, the shirt wasn’t perfect, but it did look a lot better on me after those alterations.

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New swivel knife

So, I was at Lasting Impressions the other day and I couldn’t resist buying the Fiskars Swivel Knife. I’ve done a test run with it, and it looks like it’s going to make my stenciling days a heck of a lot easier. This is definitely going to help in making that LotR/DW shirt a reality soon.

On another note, a bunch of friends and I are making a shirts for this volunteering gig we have upcoming, and I’m planning on using textile medium (finally, I know. I used to use just plain acrylic paint with my shirts) and some more of my slowly dwindling freezer paper stash. I’ll update here after we have the shirts made. We’re working with the word ‘kairos’ as our group name and so far the idea is going to be gears and the word kairos. I’m still figuring out what we’ll be using as a shirt design. Eep. And we have to make these on Friday. Oh, well. Keep moving forward!

Painted nails!

I’ve been learning to love putting on nail polish. It started as a way to stop myself from biting my nails, and now I just love the pretty colors, and the ritual of putting on polish. So, I bought China Glaze’s Beauty and the Beach the other day and I have to say I like it a lot.

It looks a lot more teal in the picture, but it’s really more of an iridescent green in person (this is my first green polish and I’m loving it!). It’s sheer, so it takes a couple of coats for it to get a good coverage. I think you can also see that my thumbnail’s a bit different. I tried putting two coats of China Glaze’s Frostbite for a little more opaque base and then two coats of Beauty and the Beach. I actually like the look, it matches my car’s color which looks green in the sunlight and blue in the dark. Next painting session will probably be a coat of Frostbite + two coats of B&B