Whedonverse Swap 9 – package sent

This will be private for now (until my partner receives) My partner received Sept 14, 2012!

So, I joined yet another Whedonverse swap. It’s a 5-point swap, but my partner and I have more or less agreed to sending around 5 items. I’m pretty pleased with the package I came up with.

First off were these Doctor Horrible needlework pieces from my partner’s pinterest. These were the first items I did because I already had the materials in my stash. I did these over a couple of episodes of Criminal Minds. I’m kinda of proud of how neat the backs looked, but of course I forgot to take pictures of them.

I saw some crochet wristers on my partner’s Avengers board, and I remembered that someone had a free pattern for Ironman wristers on Ravelry, so that was my next item.

My partner requested some tall cards from Firefly. I wasn’t sure that I would be able to take on such a labor-intensive project, but after trawling through the net for some pics to use, I got inspired by the idea and spent a couple of hours making the cards on Gimp. After a trip to the store to get them printed, and a lot of days gluing and cutting, I had myself a set of tall cards! I really wanted to make a case for them, but my package would’ve gone over my self-imposed weight limit. Also, I couldn’t find a good picture of the front of the cards, so I just used the back of the cards as the front too.

Strawberry suit of Tall Cards

She also requested a Londinium wall hanging and I recreated it with oil pastels on felt paper (I love the combination of the medium and that drawing surface). I’m not sure about the size, I think it’s 18″ wide).

I also did a Firefly pin, and an extra crochet earrings and pendant (which I totally forgot to take pictures of).


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