Craft blog

I have decided to start a craft blog. Mostly to keep track of crafts and document them. And to keep track of ideas and stuff. I may put craft swap stuff here, but I’ll probably keep them private until the packages are received.

On that note, just a reminder to myself. Had another geeky shirt idea. LotR ring inscription (again, I really am masochistic) + time lord seal inside the empty space. I think this would have to go on the back of the shirt and be as large as possible. Black shirt, color the background of time lord seal so the lines are black. Use gold paint for everything (background and inscription) or use copper for seal background and gold for inscription?


2 thoughts on “Craft blog

  1. I would like to read more about the things you are doing. I just read about the miniature books, and loved the idea. I am not, nor have I ever been a crafter. But my grandchildren who are 13, 16 and 17 have been working with me to start a charm locket business to set up at local events, fairs and flea markets. I would like to have some different things that everyone else doesn’t have. I didn’t see anyway to join your blag, I thought that’s what people do. Could you please tell me?

    • Hi, Sherri! Ohmigosh, I can’t believe people are still reading this blog. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to blog lately (it’s almost been a year!) because work has been taking up much of my time. But your comment has really inspired me to try blogging again, even just a bit. About following the blog, if you have WordPress, you can just add it to your reader. I don’t really know how else since I didn’t really setup anything else for this.

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